11 Home Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Most of us are trying to cut back on our soda intake and drink something healthier instead, like water or seltzer. But if you do break down and give in to the temptation of soda, there’s still hope. You’d be shocked at how many household tasks a bottle of Coke can power through. Plus, after some of these, you might end up rethinking drinking the stuff.

The possibilities of using ordinary household items to pull double-duty for spring cleaning are endless. Here are just a few to get you started.

The Task: Microwave cleaning.
The Hero: Vinegar

home cleaning tips

Microwave a solution of vinegar and water for five minutes to loosen microwave crud.

The Task: Fridge Shelves
The Hero: Glad Press’n Seal

home cleaning tips

After scrubbing everything thoroughly, use the Press’n Seal sheets as a fridge liner. They’re easy to clean and you can replace them when they get dingy.

The Task: Tub grout cleaning
The Hero: Cotton beauty coils

home cleaning tips

You can buy them at any beauty store or online. Let them soak in bleach and lay them around the grout line.

The Task: Cleaning crusty burner grates
The Hero: Baggies and ammonia

home cleaning tips

Slip the grates into baggies, fill the baggies with ammonia and let them sit overnight. The crust will rinse right off.

The Task: Nasty toilet bowl
The Hero:  Coca-Cola

home cleaning tips

Pour it over the stains and gross spots and let it sit for an hour. Flush the fizzy stuff down and you’ve got a sparkling bowl.

The Task: Sliding door tracks
The Hero: Vinegar

home cleaning tips

A Q-tip and some vinegar will get rid of the gross stuff super fast.

The Task: All the crud at the bottom of kitchen drawers
The Hero: Egg cartons and muffin cups

home cleaning tips

Keep everything organized and crumb-free with these easily replaceable, recycled organizers.

The Task: Spotty shower handle
The Hero: Lemons

home cleaning tips

The citric acid will cut through the hard water stains.

The Task: Dusty car vents
The Hero: Sponge brush

home cleaning tips

A sponge brush is perfect for fitting in tiny spaces and grabbing dust. Dampen with vinegar for extra cleaning.

The Task: Window blinds
The Hero: Old gym sock

home cleaning tips

Too easy. For kitchen blinds that have suffered grease and grime residue, dampen the sock with a little white vinegar.

The Task: Carpet spot cleaning
The Hero: Windex

Spray some Windex on the spot, place a damp washcloth over it and iron the washcloth.

The Task: Air Vents
The Hero: Butter knife

home cleaning tips

Use a butter knife and washcloth doused with a little cleaning spray (you’ve probably gathered by now that vinegar will do just fine) and run the makeshift wand through each of the vents.


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