25 Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Home Without Spending A Ton Of Money

When you want to renovate your home, you usually think to yourself, “this could be a rather expensive pleasure.”  But here are a few decorating tips that are inexpensive and will brighten up any space in your home!

Home decorating ideas1

One of the most simple methods: decorate the wall with different colored pieces of paper to create a beautiful ‘cell’ effect.

Home decorating ideas2

You can also try a more unruly pattern using paint samples.

Home decorating ideas3

Make a wall map from newspapers.

Home decorating ideas4

Knit a cover for chairs and stools.

Home decorating ideas5

Or even for armchairs.

Home decorating ideas6

Print off and hang up your favourite photos in frames.

Home decorating ideas7

You can make these decorative ‘wall flowers’ from paper with just your hands

Home decorating ideas8

Make your table more colourful with the use of coloured tape.

Home decorating ideas9
Home decorating ideas10

You can make an unusual lampshade from plastic spoons.

Home decorating ideas11

The books you’ve read can make a good coffee table.

Home decorating ideas12

A wide, embossed ceiling cornice made from ‘foam plastic’ glued to the walls.

Home decorating ideas13

You can use a branch instead of a curtain rail.

Home decorating ideas14

Put all the keys from all the houses you’ve lived in into a frame. It makes for a great, sentimental picture.

Home decorating ideas15

A simple decoration made from coloured paper can look great above a bed.

Home decorating ideas16

You can put anything in a picture frame – even scraps of wallpaper can look beautiful.

Home decorating ideas17

As well as maps.

Home decorating ideas18

Or even old t-shirts.

Home decorating ideas19

You can make plenty of things out of old wooden pallets – like this set of shelves for some wine bottles, for example.

Home decorating ideas20

As well as a stylish coffee table.

Home decorating ideas21

Coat hangers can be used in place of shelves.

Home decorating ideas22

Carpet samples can be stitched together to make a really quite attractive rug.

Home decorating ideas23

You can make hooks for the kitchen or garage using ordinary clothes pegs.

Home decorating ideas24

Old magazines can find new use as part of a small stool.

Home decorating ideas25

The lampshade for a free-standing lamp can be made from newspapers, a map, or indeed any piece of loose paper.

Home decorating ideas26

A striking alternative: Patterns drawn with a pen instead of wallpaper or items of furniture. Genius!


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