She Transforms Herself Into Horrifying Monsters That Will Give You Nightmares. You Won’t Believe How She Does It.

Makeup artist Andrea De La Ossa began to gain notoriety online thanks to her insane ability to turn herself into terrifying horror characters with nothing but makeup. She breathes new life into classic pop culture characters with her makeup transformations, but the real magic is in her very own designs. It’s crazy to think that some of her original characters haven’t been snatched up by Hollywood and turned into monsters on the big screen! Prepare to step inside another world of horror thanks to Andrea De La Ossa and her incredible imagination.

1. The artist herself

Andrea De La Ossa rarely posts pictures of herself online, so let’s take a look at what she looks like without creative makeup before we dive into her incredible ability to create unforgettable characters.

horror makeup transformation

2. Jaws

This iconic monster from the sea reinvented the horror sub-genre known as “creature features.” This design is creatively executed from the shoulders down, and it looks both fun and intense at the same time!

horror makeup transformation

3. Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad

Get ready to lock and load with Daddy’s Little Monster when Warner Bros. Studios releases the blockbuster movie Suicide Squad this summer. This is one bad girl who will NEVER be tamed.

horror makeup transformation

4. Xenomorph from the Alien franchise

The Xenomorph is one of the most memorable monsters in the history of Hollywood. Every evil creature from outer space that’s on the big screen will have to stand in the shadow of the Xenomorph’s massive influence on sci-fi.

If you think this is the best this artist is going to get, buckle up because she has a ton of classic characters coming up, including Wade Wilson from Deadpool!

horror makeup transformation

5. The Bride from The Bride of Frankenstein

Ah yes, The Bride is one of the key characters in one of the most tragic love stories in the horror genre. All the Creature wants is to be loved by one of his own kind, but even she struggles to understand him.

horror makeup transformation

6. Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas

Not only is Sally one of the most compassionate of all the ladies in the Disney Universe, she’s also the most misunderstood. It takes a special kind of lady to date Jack Skellington.

horror makeup transformation

7. Freddy Krueger from The Nightmare on Elm Street

Freddy Krueger never had a makeover that looked this good. The way the artist decked herself out like the Master of all Nightmares from her chest up makes this legendary character come to life in a brand new way. RIP Wes Craven, may your marvelously imaginative characters live on in pop culture forever!

horror makeup transformation

8. Wade Wilson from Deadpool

Everyone’s favorite foul-mouth mercenary dominated the Box Office this year! This design proves this artist has immaculate skill when it comes to turning herself into any character her imagination desires.

Next up, we have a classic character from a Joss Whedon movie and a TON of the artist’s original designs.

horror makeup transformation

9. Ballerina Dentata from The Cabin in the Woods

The Ballerina Dentata is from the monstrous finale of the modern horror milestone The Cabin in the Woods. The movie is from the wild mind of Joss Whedon, who directed the first two Avengers movies.

horror makeup transformation

10. “Hashtag. No Filter.”

Talk about breaking through to the audience! This piece was inspired by a cracked phone screen. It’s almost as if the artist is trying to remind everyone that we are all human despite how much technology is a part of our everyday lives.

horror makeup transformation

11. “Bloodletting”

This design is enough to send anyone into shock — the subject looks like she’s been bled out to the bone. It’s crazy to think that this pattern is made from additional layers of makeup when it looks as if you are peering into the body of the subject.

horror makeup transformation

12. “Disquiet”

The creature behind the surface of design looks like it is trying to escape from the beneath the skin in this person’s face! The level of detail that goes into each design is truly astonishing.

Wait until you see her next designs, which include a neon demon that looks like a Zombie Beauty Queen on #15!

horror makeup transformation

13. “Riptide”

Whether you think these horror-inspired design are beautiful or not, there is absolutely no denying the supreme level of artistry that goes into them.

horror makeup transformation

14. “Talk Like An Open Book”

This artist creates optical illusions with multi-layered designs that leave audiences mesmerized. The way her skin looks like it’s unfolding looks like a magic trick.

horror makeup transformation

15. “Zombie Beauty Queen”

This neon demon queen looks like she rules over an evil army of flesh-eating savages that rule the night. These funky colors would look perfect if she was decked out in black leather.

horror makeup transformation

16. “Melt for Me”

This psychedelic design looks like the ash-colored flesh is dripping right off her face. The attention to detail in this piece reveals the layers of flesh beneath the surface of the character’s skin.

horror makeup transformation


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