Simple Tip To Turn Your Ordinary Chocolate Drink Into A Decadent Treat

Fall is just around the corner and while I’ll definitely miss all the great summer cookouts and trips to the beach, I do enjoy the changing of the leaves and that little nip in the air that makes you want to reach out for a nice warm mug of something comforting. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pumpkin spice latte as much as the next guy but in my mind, nothing beats the simple comfort of a well-made hot chocolate.

Unfortunately, hot chocolate is the kind of thing where either you take the time to really do it right or you settle for Swiss Miss (which is pretty decent, to be fair). Thankfully, the people at America’s Test Kitchen are always testing thousands of recipes and tips and tricks to make life better and they’ve come up with a great way to get an instant, decadent hot chocolate with real chocolate in it. I’m about to go make some, though I may go a step further and add some salted caramel to mine. Look out Starbucks!


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