14 Brilliant Household Tips For A Simple And Comfortable Life

Thinking outside the box can significantly help to make your life a whole lot simpler, helping you to solve many irritating problems and get on with what you really enjoy.

Here are 14 little tricks which we’re certain will be useful to absolutely everyone.

1. If you hang a tennis ball from the ceiling down to the level of your car’s wind shield, it will help you to park in the garage. Once your car is touching the ball by wind shield, you’re in exactly the right spot.

Household Tips 1

2. You can use this kind of family calendar to mark birthdays; this way you’ll never forget to congratulate relatives.

Household Tips 2

3. You can cut off the neck of the empty bottle and use it to seal packaging for such things as cereal or pasta.

Household Tips 3

4. You may use a clothes hanger to make a really useful holder for a cookbook.

Household Tips 4

5. You may use the bottom of a large plastic bottle to dilute or mix paint, whilst you can use the neck as a stand for the brush.

Household Tips 5

6. If you have no means of sharpening some scissors, just use them to cut some tin foil. Cut a couple of times and you’re scissors will be as sharp as when you bought them.

Household Tips 6

7. To make sure you don’t have to put any dirty nails in your mouth while you’re doing handiwork, thread them through your work gloves.

Household Tips 7

8. An old book stand can be used as a great stand for your tablet — there’s no need to waste money on the expensive official merchandise!

Household Tips 8

9. A lemon can be the perfect replacement for detergent. It’s safe and environmentally friendly.

Household Tips 9

10. Use a comb to avoid catching your fingers when you hammer in a nail.

Household Tips 10

11. Try hanging some hooks on your shower curtain rail — they can be really useful as a way to have various items in reach for when you need them.

Household Tips 11

12. You can use the hook from an old seat belt to keep keys safe.

Household Tips 12

13. Use magnetic strips for tools — that way everything will be to hand when you need it.

Household Tips 13

14. You can use an old bottle of ketchup when you want to make pancakes — it’s much easier to put the right amount of mix in the pan.

Household Tips 14


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