60 Seconds That Perfectly Sums Up How It Feels To Be A Dad

Being a dad isn’t easy. There are plenty of ups and downs through the years, and it’s a lot of hard work. But it’s also tremendously rewarding, and there are very few dads out there who would trade it for anything in the world. Dove put together this video for Father’s Day in 2014, and it’s been popping up ever since whenever someone needs a reminder just how beautiful fatherhood can be.

Showing the various ages and stages of life in a creative and heartwarming montage, the video paints a picture of so many of the emotions present throughout a dad’s tenure.

There’s only ever one word spoken in the short film, but the amazing diversity of ways in which it is spoken is what gives this beautiful clip its power. Man, woman, parent or no, if you’re not a little misty by the end of this, then your tear ducts might be plugged up.


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