College Girl’s Mother Attempts To Contact Her On Facebook After Selling Her For $5,000 When She Was A Baby

I was born in rural Alabama. My mother was only 16 when she gave birth to me. I came out three months premature and was colicky and hard to handle. My father’s parents saw that my mom did not care for me and asked her if they could adopt me. My mother said: “I’d like 5,000 dollars.”

And so they paid her what she asked for and adopted me. My mother never came to visit. I woke up at night and cried for her, but she wouldn’t come. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away when I was six.

So my grandfather took responsibility and even bought my first bra and feminine hygiene products with his sister’s help. At the age of 15 I found out that my mother had married and went on to have three more children that she kept which really hurt me. He could see the sadness in my eyes and knew that I was missing a mother-figure in my life so he got remarried and fortunately to a saint of a woman. I finally had a sort of solid mother-figure in my life.

Now, I’m in college with declared microbiology major on a pre-med track, and my mother wants to assume responsibility in my upbringing. She has been contacting me via Facebook trying to reclaim her position as my mother. And while it pains me to ignore her, I know that she will never have any claim to my successes. My granddad & new grandma are the only people who deserve credit for being great parents.


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