4-Year-Old Who Lost Father On 9/11 Says He Talks To Her And He’s Not Alone

For any American old enough to remember the endless horror of the Twin Towers collapsing on September 11, 2001, the visual images and emotional trauma are indelibly engraved on our hearts and minds.

But for one wife who tragically lost her husband – and the father of her then four-year-old daughter – when the towers collapsed on that infamous day, her sad memories are mixed with a story that is both mystical and inexplicable, unless you believe there is an “other side” we go to after we die.

Speaking to Deborah Roberts at ABC News, the mom, named Lisa, said that after her husband’s death, her little girl Jacie would be having light-hearted conversations with “invisible friends.”

Curious, Lisa asked her daughter who she was talking to, and was told she was hanging out with her dad and some of his friends.

Perhaps this could have been chalked up to a little girl trying to fill a hole in her heart who had a vivid imagination. Except for one inexplicable part of this story. Because Jacie reeled off the names of her father’s business colleagues, men she had never met and couldn’t have remembered even if she had. She told her mother they were all with her father, and that they were telling her jokes.

Intrigued, Lisa showed her daughter photos of her dad’s co-workers, and asked if she recognized them. To her astonishment, Jacie knew each one by first and last name, and got every name right.

Deborah Roberts asked the mom and widow how she felt about the conversations she had not been privy to. “I was jealous,” Lisa admitted. “Because she got to see them, and I didn’t.”

Now a teen, Jacie apparently no longer gets visited by her dad and his business buddies. But she still remembers their conversations vividly.

“They’d be telling me knock-knock jokes, yeah, and I was just talking to them,” the 13-year-old with the bright smile says.

No doubt, somewhere on high, Jacie’s dad is very, very proud of the beautiful and spirited girl he can only watch grow up from afar.

Apparently, Lisa and Jacie’s story is not unique among 9/11 survivors, either. It certainly makes you wonder more about where we go when we die, and why some people are contacted from the other side.

In the very popular TV show Rescue Me on F/X, actor Denis Leary’s firefighter character famously talked to his dead cousin Jimmy, also a New York firefighter, who had died at the Towers. But no one else could see Jimmy.

And Harry Houdini, the world-famous illusionist, told his wife that if there was a way to reach out from beyond the grave, he would contact her. She waited in vain for that moment for many years. Which only brings up more questions than answers about the mysteries that surround what happens when we transition from this world to the next.


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