Jasmine Elcock Delivers A Truly Moving Semi-Final Performance On “Britain’s Got Talent”

Jasmine Elcock knows how high the stakes were in this season’s semi-final round on Britain’s Got Talent. Her voice has propelled her through each round, but this week she ups her game even more and pulls out all the stops! Her rendition of Birdy’s “Wings” is absolutely beautiful!
The song “Wings” is about love and hope, and Jasmine’s delicate white lace dress and the enormous set of wings behind her, tie the theme together perfectly! Her soft but powerful voice hits every note and sails over every word on time and in rhythm, so it’s no wonder why the audience seems to be completely mesmerized.

The skilled 14-year-old has rose to stardom since appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, but she’s plans on taking her career in music further no matter the outcome of the show. With a voice like this, we hope Jasmine sticks with singing forever!


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