Innovative Dad Designs A New Way To Keep His Child Busy

We found out one little trick that can busy your child’s attention for a long time, and eagerly want to share it with you.

keep child busy

Teachezofpeachez is a very creative dad. Having noticed that his toddler mostly likes various household items, he decided to make a big toy with his own hands. He collected different items, ranging from a toilet paper holder to a phone, and put them all on a big board. Now it’s almost impossible to keep a kid from playing with this toy.

keep child busy

It has various names, like a lock, latch, or sensory board. But the essence is the same: to make it, take a solid base and attach different locks, latches, buttons, magnets, etc. You can also decorate the board to your taste using colored paper, stickers, markers, pens, paints, etc. The best thing is that children are totally excited about these DIY boards, so you can always busy your child with this thing and just watch him or her play with it while you’re having a little rest.


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