Lily Tomlin Leaves SAG Crowd Roaring With Laughter As She Accepts Lifetime Achievement Award

Lily Tomlin is an actress, an icon and philanthropist and on Sunday, she accepted her Lifetime Achievement Award at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

“Did you hear that the doomsday clock has been moved up 2.5 minutes to before midnight?” she joked. “This award came just in time.”

She continued, “this award makes you feel like, not that you have done so much, but that you should have done so much more to deserve it.”

Tomlin went on to joke about skipping class if her “hair didn’t turn out right” and how Oprah helped her turn her life around.

“After 50 years in the business, I find that young actors are asking me for sage advice,” she said. “Don’t leave the house when you are drunk.”

The audience howled in laughter as she continued the bit.

“Don’t be anxious about missing an opportunity. Behind every failure is an opportunity someone wishes they had missed,” she laughed. “Meryl [Streep] is laughing at this and there is absolutely no time she’s had a failure.”

“Beware of any enterprise which requires new clothing,” she said. “Doesn’t that ring true to a few of you tonight. It does to me.”

No acceptance speech would be complete without a dig at President Donald Trump.

“Live your life so that when you are being honored with your achievements, the people called upon to make laudatory remarks can feel reasonably honest about their comments,” she said. “Otherwise, their words, or a phrase might be perceived as ‘alternative facts’ or worst yet, ‘fake news.’”

“Finally, thank those people on who’s shoulders you stand!” she added.

“We can all go out and really change things,” she said. “As long as I don’t have to audition. I just may be back!”


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