Little Boy Blames This Man For The Mess On His Mom’s Mirror

When Laura Hopkins found her two-year-old son standing next to a mirror covered in lipstick, she could only assume that he’d made the “art” himself. Imagine her surprise when he informs her that Batman did it! It’s a hilarious moment, made all the cuter by the boy’s tiny accent and adorable Potteresque glasses. Admittedly, I’ve already watched the clip at least ten times, and I know it’s one that I’ll revisit again and again in the future.

Moments like these are exactly what makes parenting so much fun – and so hard! How can you be mad after such a ridiculously cute moment? We’re not sure if he was punished or not, but no doubt mom moved whatever was left of her lipstick to a safer location. After all, you never can tell where “Batman” might strike next!


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