Little Girl And Her Dog The Most Precious BFFs

A child’s love is wide-eyed, all-encompassing and innocent. Just like a dog’s.  It’s no surprise that when a downtrodden puppy met a toddler named Leola Sterling, they got along famously.

And then they got along even more famously, thanks to the dog’s burgeoning Instagram account, where more than 5,000 people melt along with their daily adventures.

Dad said #sit . #leolabelle wanted to join the party. #leoandkodi #shepherdmix #rescuepuppy #eugene #oregon #puppy

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The pair, who lives in Eugene, Oregon, became family in March, when the orphaned puppy was brought home from an Oregon-based rescue called the Northwest Dog Project.

Kodiak’s journey actually began in California, where another rescue, Love Leo, intercepted a 5-week-old German shepherd mix who was on his way to the local shelter.

Soaking in the sunlight. #dog #shepherdmix #brindle #puppy #eugene #oregon #kodiaksterling #yellow

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Northwest Dog Project then had Kodiak transported to its facilities near Eugene, where he was fostered for another three weeks.

“No mother. No siblings. Just him,” Sally Roney, co-founder of Northwest Dog Project said.

Eugene > Portland, nap time. #rescuepuppy #shepherdmix #brindle #puppy #kodisterling

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“He was really underweight, and covered in ticks and scabs.”

But as his body improved, so too did his spirits. Candice Miller, who had been fostering him, started spotlighting the puppy’s adventures on her Instagram account.

Then the Sterling family heard about him and paid a visit.

An 18-month-old Leola fell in love. The feeling was mutual.

Me and my girl #leolabelle. I love her. ❤️❤️

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“He loves that little girl,” Roney says.

The puppy was dubbed Kodiak, or Kodi in toddler-speak.

And the pair became inseparable.

They play fetch.

Showing #leolabelle my fetching skills! #rescuepuppy #gooddog #puppy #girlsbestfriend #pottytraining #leoandkodi

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They chill in Kodiak’s cage.

They’re gonna grow old together.

#Besties #kodisterling #rescuedog #shepherdmix #brindlebaby

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