This Little Girl’s Reaction When She Sees Her Mother For The First Time Is Truly Touching

When Dr. Alana Grajewski first took a look at 2-year-old Nicolly, she noticed that the little girl was scooting around on her behind. She wasn’t walking or even crawling like other children, and she was nonverbal. The toddler’s mother, Daiana Pereira, believed her daughter was blind, deaf, and developmentally challenged. The family is from rural Brazil where doctors told Pereira that getting Nicolly to see, speak, and hear was a lost cause.

However, with the help of the Jackson Health Foundation’s International Kids Fund and the Kevin Garcia Foundation, the family raised $17,000 to travel to America and try their luck here. When doctors examined Nicolly’s ears, they discovered something pivotal. The 2-year-old wasn’t deaf! She had water buildup in her inner ears. A mere 30 minutes later, the little girl who had never heard her mother’s voice could hear perfectly fine.

Then there were the eyes. A sufferer of childhood glaucoma, Nicolly couldn’t even see light. Dr. Alana feared the damage was irreparable, but after a few hours in surgery, Nicolly was able to see. In the video below, you’ll be able to witness the emotional moment Nicolly recognizes her mother with both her eyes and ears!

“The only word that can be used to describe the feeling is ‘God,’” Pereira told the Miami Herald. “My daughter is free now. She now shines more than before. She has now become a reference for people who didn’t believe in miracles.”

“All of a sudden, she realized: ‘Oh my gosh, that’s my mom.’ And her mother could tell the recognition. It was just one of those moments — priceless,” Dr. Grajewski said.


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