This Little Girl Stands In Front Of The Hurdle. Then Dad Starts To Record The Most Incredible Thing…

Anna Salander is your average, everyday 10-year-old little girl. She goes to school, hangs out with some great friends, and loves to ride her horses more than anything else.

But this little girl seems to do a bit more than just ride her horses. It seems she’s been keeping a close eye on them as well. In an incredible show of empathy, little Anna has literally decided to walk a mile in her furry friend’s horseshoes, and see if she can do the same things that they can.

Little Anna has been practicing her amazing trick for quite some time now, and when you watch just how strong she is, you can easily see the importance of keeping children in shape and active. While some people do “imitations” using their voice, this girl perfectly imitates a horse just by using her body!

Her learning to ride horses not only keeps her healthy, but it helps in her self-confidence. It also doesn’t hurt that she’ll have a really cool skill when she’s older, and she’ll learn the importance of befriending an animal.

This little girl obviously has a pretty great sense of humor at such a young age, and her jumping talents are honestly flat out impressive to watch. If she keeps up with this, she’ll not only be a gold medalist horseback rider, but she could end up winning at track and field too.


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