An Annoying Passenger Played Loud Music On The Train, Until A Genius Stopped Him

I take a train to work every day. About a 45 minute commute each way in a very comfortable train. Usually quiet and we all can take a nap before and after work. A new guy started taking the train that is a total jerk. He has these headphones that are super loud. Whenever someone asks him to turn down the music, he gets very confrontational. So one day he sits next to me, and I am not about to ask him to turn it down! Oh no! I am about to become his best friend. I ask him what song is playing! I tell him I heard it once and wanted to buy it.

He tells me only to put his music back on. Next song comes up.

I ask him what that song is. He is clearly aggravated by now. I let the third song go by, but when I see him look at me, I give him the ‘ahh not a fan.’ Fourth song I tap him again and ask him what it is. I then ask him if he could show me how to buy these songs on iTunes. He is clearly pissed because he has a Samsung, but I play the village idiot. I keep being nice to him the entire ride but I disturbed like 7 songs.

The next day he sees me in the train car and moves on to the next one.

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