Luke Bryan Spots Her In The Crowd, But When She Comes On Stage He Is Completely Floored…

Luke Bryan loves going above and beyond for his fans! Singing, dancing, smiling, it’s all what his audience is there for, but with a heart as big as his, he reaches out, even to his smallest fans, to give them the most memorable concert he could. For one little girl out in the crowd, dressed in cowgirl boots and all, she had the time of her life when he grasped her hand and pulled her on stage.


She looked so sweet standing next to this famous artist singing now just to her. But once again, he pulled another surprise and sent the microphone in her direction. This wasn’t just a concert for her, but she was singing for him.


She knew every word to his song, making this a moment that they will both never forget. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder, and their duet sounded so perfect. It’s moments like these that make his concerts more than just a show, him proving that he is there for his fans of every age.


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