It’s Not Everyday You See A Man Who Is Best Friends With A Polar Bear

Mark Dumas is a 60-year-old “Grizzly Man.” It wasn’t by accident that he retrieved this unique nickname. Dumas is best friends with an 800lb Alaskan polar bear.

Every morning, Dumas and Agee, the polar bear that he’s cared for since she was only six weeks old, go for a deep swim in the pool outside of his home. Agee is now 16 years old. Dumas and his wife, Dawn Dumas, 60, take pride in raising their friendly bear to feel comfortable with humans, and their pet dogs.

In 1995, Agee appeared in the film, “Alaska,” at only a few weeks old. While she may be the world’s largest land predator, she is a sweet and cuddly teddy bear in Dumas’ eyes.

He wrestles with her on the grass, gives her tender kisses and dares to put his head in between her huge jaws, as she gives him a giant bear hug in return. Their relationship may seem detrimental to many, but for these two, it was love at first sight.

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