You Would Never Think He Would Do This On Stage Wearing His Suit, But The Results Will Make You Smile

This comedian looks like a natural-born performer. If he continues to put on a fantastic show, he could win this season of “Britain’s Got Talent,” which would put him in some pretty good company.

Sweet pup Pudsey stole the title in 2012 with his fantastic act. Since then, he’s flown on Simon Cowell’s private jet and participated in a conga line along with Kim Kardashian. He’s also been an inspiration for other talented animals. Since his win, animal auditions have spiked.

Of course, no one can ignore the huge success of Susan Boyle. Her famous rendition of “I Have a Dream” has received millions upon millions of YouTube views. She’s also toured across the globe, sold over 18 million albums and topped charts in more than 30 countries.


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