When Her 6-Year-Old Son’s Friend Was Going To Have Risky Heart Surgery, She Asked For The Cutest Thing Ever

My 6-year-old son’s best friend and ‘girlfriend’ was asked her wish before going into her third risky, open-heart surgery—it was to marry my son.

At preschool graduation in May he insisted we buy her a dozen red roses—they had to be red, her favorite color. So, I knew he’d agree to dress up and have a mock wedding shoot for her; and he did. ‘Anything to make Sophia happy, Mommy.’ Just like that, magic happened! My best friend, Marisa, captured the innocent adoration these two kids have for each other on the perfect day with the right light, Sophia in a beautiful dress as they smiled, laughed and played.

Sophia may have half a heart, but she overflows the hearts of those around her with joy.

marry best friend

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