She Couldn’t Afford Ice Cream For Her Daughter, But One Stranger’s Generosity Changed Her Whole Outlook

A mother who was tight on money was unable to buy snacks for her daughter but she desperately wanted to make her child happy. She would never have expected what happened when her child asked for some ice cream.

Her 7 year old daughter asked her for ice cream when she couldn’t afford it. But the mom started crying when this happened.

I wouldn’t call myself poor – I rent a decent house, pay my bills, put healthy meals on the table and provide for my daughter where it matters. But money is quiet tight and every last dollar is accounted for so there isn’t much room for trating ourselves.

This morning in my local supermarket, my daughter was hounding me for some ice cream while we were in the frozen section. I really couldn’t afford to be buying ice-cream this week, and was quietly trying to explain this to her. She’s 7 and very perceptive. She generally unsderstands our predicament but sometimes her 7-year-old emotion get the best of her. Today was one of those days!

“But mum, it’s only 4 dollars!” she exclaimed over a tub of ice cream. ” Yes I know it’s only 4 dollars, but it’s 4 dollars I can’t afford to spend right now, so please stop asking. I’m sorry.”

At that moment a woman tapped me on the arm placed a $5 note in my basket and told me to buy the ice-cream for my daughter. I immediatrly teared up and told her I couldn’t take it. She wouldn’y have it. She smiled and walked away. I looked around caught her eye and mouted thank you. She blew a kiss and dissappeared.

Well the rest of the shopping trip was me in a bleary-eyed mess and my daughter patting me on the arm and telling me I don’t have to cry.

Such a small gesture but it honestly turned my entire week around. I stopped wallowing in the fact that I have no money and found solace in the kindness and generosity of a stranger. Thank you to the kind woman (although I doubt she’ll ever see never know).

I wanted to share in case you ever think a small gesture would be pointless or unnoticed. You could make someone’s day.


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