Moms Are Calling This The Most Touching Song They Have Ever Heard

Whether your baby is 2 or 52, this song will hit you in your tender heart.

It tells the all too familiar story of moms around the world, who look at their children sleeping in their cribs, then turn around and see them in a graduation cap, only to turn around again to see them having a baby of their own.

Leaving moms with only a few words to say — “slow down.”

Oklahoma Christian music artist Nichole Nordeman recently took that sentiment and put it into a song and video that is quickly going viral.

“I feel like I spend my life trying to slow time — trying to celebrate the growth and the milestones of my children and then secretly day dreaming about building a time machine in my garage so I can return to rocking my babies at midnight,” Nichole wrote on her Facebook page on April 29. “If you’ve ever looked at your child running across a field or striding across a graduation stage or walking down the middle aisle of a church clutching a bouquet, you’ll know why this song is special to me.”

And if the sheer emotion of the song’s lyrics doesn’t hit you in the gut, the video featuring those little moments every mom has been through certainly will.


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