Baby Monkey Lost His Mom, But Miraculously Finds A Brand New Family

A severe drought is currently affecting parts of Costa Rica, and it’s been taking a toll on the local wildlife. Luna and his mother, both howler monkeys, were somehow separated from their family. When they were found, they were rushed to a nearby veterinary hospital.

Luna’s mother sadly passed away last Monday from dehydration and respiratory issues, leaving little Luna all alone in the world.

He was rehydrated through the use of intravenous fluids and survived and then transferred to the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center, where he is now being cared for by humans and socialized with other howler monkeys like himself.

Today, he’s learning to adjust to life with a surrogate mother.

According to a blog post by the rescue center, Luna is fitting right in with his fellow howlers …

… which is excellent news — howler monkeys live and thrive in large, social family groups.

According to the rescue center, the goal is to raise Luna until he is strong enough to be released back into the wild.


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