The Way She Handled Her Mother-In-Law Who Always Talks To Her Condescendingly Is Perfect

This woman always tried to please her mother-in-law but to no avail as she always sided with her son. So what she did one night is priceless.

A woman who was married to her irresponsible husband had to raise a kid on her own because the so-called man of the house was always out at the bar with his friends, and when he wasn’t, he was always slacking off at home.

She called up her mother-in-law during a particularly hard day, whom she wasn’t always on the best of terms with because she tended to side with her son rather than offer the woman any sort of support.

The woman asked, “Could you tell me who changes the child if it poops itself? Is it the dad or the mom?”

“It is always the mother, honey.” said the mother-in-law condescendingly.

“OK then.” said the woman. “Could you come over, please? Your son got drunk and sh*t himself.”


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