Inspired By Mount Rushmore, An Artist Sculpted This In His Own Backyard

Just over one hundred years ago, travel was a pastime reserved for the wealthy. Reaching a destination not only required a pricey combination of train and boat tickets, but the extra days or weeks to spend in transit. As a result, only the very privileged or those serving in the armed forces were able to see the world beyond their home state.

However, that all changed when Henry Ford introduced the Model T. By the 1930s, middle-class families could afford to own and drive a car. As road trips became a popular vacation option, strange attractions popped up along U.S. interstates. Photographer Jesseca Kepper remembers visiting many of these unique locales as a girl, but there is one that has always stood out in her mind as “most bizarre.” Once you see it, you might be inspired to take a road trip of your own.


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