This Gym Class Replaces Working Out With Napping

What if a visit to the gym included napping as part of your exercise regimen? Would you go more often?

If you answered yes, you’re in the majority.

And that’s what the UK based David Lloyd health clubs are banking on with their new “napercise” classes targeted at exhausted parents and business professionals.

Napercise classes are held in a room outfitted with beds rather than exercise equipment, and the typical high-energy music is replaced by soothing, atmospheric sounds to help people doze off.

Participants are tasked with a “rigorous routine” that includes — you guessed it — settling into a comfortable bed and dozing off to sleep for 45 minutes.

Sleep expert Kathryn Pinkham, who collaborated with the David Lloyd club on the project, said sleep is a lot more important than people realize.

“We tend to focus on the short-term effects such as being tired or lacking concentration, but it is also essential for our long-term physical and mental wellbeing too,” she said.

A spokesperson for David Lloyd Clubs said: “According to our research, 86% of parents admit to regularly suffering from fatigue which is alarmingly high when you consider the important role getting a good night’s sleep can play in our overall mental and physical wellbeing. Filling an exercise studio with beds might look unusual, but if it proves to be a success, we’re definitely excited at the possibility of rolling out the program to more of our clubs down the line.”

In addition to leaving feeling rejuvenated, the fitness firm says you’ll also cut calories as the temperature will be dropped to a level that promotes calorie-burning during sleep.

Where do we sign up?


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