Today Is National Baby Making Day

You’ve heard of mother’s day, and father’s day… but what about a special occasion for all of the would-be parents out there?

Today could be that day, as a study reveals January 2 is the most popular day to conceive.

Millions of couples are expected to have sex today in the hope of falling pregnant with a baby due in September, according to research carried out by the parenting site Channel Mum.

national baby making day

All business in the bedroom: According to Channel Mum millions of UK couples will have sex today in an attempt to conceive

national baby making day

Fertility experts attribute the popularity of the date to would-be parents desire for a September baby – September babies are the oldest in their school year

Not only that, bedroom action is expected to peak at 10.36pm tonight.

Figures indicate that the most common day for babies to be born in the UK is September 26, which is 38 weeks – or the length of the average pregnancy – after January 2.

Fertility experts attribute the baby boom to a combination of factors; parents’ desire to have a baby born in September – meaning it will be among the oldest in its school year – wanting to spend time together before heading back to work after the festive season, and having sex in an attempt to cure a lingering new year hangover.

Siobhan Freegard, the founder of Channel Mum, said the site had compiled some of its users top tips for conceiving to help couples trying to get pregnant to mark the occasion.

‘Falling pregnant isn’t always easy so couples who have been trying a while will attempt almost anything to help,’ she said.

‘While there isn’t much medical science to back up these tips, our members swear they have all helped and we have hundreds of bouncing new babies to prove it.

‘As long as you have fun trying, it’s always worth giving it a go,’ she added.

Some of the methods the parenting sites users have resorted to in an effort to boost their chances of conceiving range from cutting out alcohol to feasting on pineapple and even eating McDonald’s chips immediately after having sex.

But not all of them were diet related – 58 percent of would-be mums said they’d ‘cycled’ their raised legs in the air for a minimum of three minutes after sex, while 37 percent had worn socks during and after sex to keep their feet warm throughout.

national baby making day

Channel Mum shared its users tried and tested fertility tips to mark what it predicts will be the busiest baby making day of the year

In contrast, one percent of men admitted to wearing frozen underwear in an effort to up their chances of getting their partner pregnant.

The most obscure tip – tried by just 0.5 percent of Channel Mum users – was for women to pierce their nose on the left side, which according to theories in Eastern Ayurvedic medicine can make a woman more fertile.

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