With A Dash Of Creativity, These Old Picture Frames Can Take On A Stunning New Life

Using picture frames for things other than photos is not a new idea. People have long recognized the inherent beauty in them, especially old, hand-crafted frames and ones with intricate details. Whether old or new, they act as a powerful border. They can accentuate a piece or present it plainly. They can tie a piece into a room’s decor or make it stand out. In some cases they can even become part of the artwork.

But there’s so much more to do with picture frames. Make them the stand-out feature in a room with these fun DIY ideas.

1. String vintage bottles to picture frames to create a hanging garden.

old picture frames 1

2. Rock the neatest desk in the office with this frame organizer.

old picture frames 2

3. Keeping your remotes handy has never been cuter.

old picture frames 3

4. A couple of old lamps and a picture frame make a unique side table.

old picture frames 4

5. Two frames put together are great for storing delivery menus or mail.

old picture frames 5

6. Large frames make great storage space for bathrooms or bedrooms.

old picture frames 6

7. Need wall art? Overlap some empty frames to create your own masterpiece.

old picture frames 7

8. Wire and clothespins are all you need for this fun photo display.

old picture frames 8

9. No one would guess that this ceiling medallion was once a picture frame.

old picture frames 9

10. Liven up a dead space by using picture frames as custom molding.

old picture frames 10

11. Friends will be eager to leave you messages on this classy board.

old picture frames 11

12. An old frame provides a unique space for an on-going game of chess.

old picture frames 12

13. Or a place to house your favorite collection.

old picture frames 13

14. Use canvas to stitch an inspiring quote, then frame it!

old picture frames 14

15. These hen and chicks are a picture that paints itself.

old picture frames 15

16. Frame shelves are perfect for readers who love art.

old picture frames 16

17. A coat of red paint and a colorful bow are all you need to have the coolest “wreath” on the block.

old picture frames 17

18. Who knew dried twigs could look so classy?

old picture frames 18


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