Sons Repaired Old Truck To Help Their Mother Suffering From Alzheimer’s

Irene Linn doesn’t remember much these days. The grandmother of seven has frontotemporal dementia, a disorder that shares qualities with Alzheimer’s disease. Irene’s diagnosis devastated her five adult sons.

“We were a close-knit family but when this disease comes into our life, especially after losing our father, it’s a whole new challenge,” Eric Linn, Irene’s eldest son said. “Emotions run high.”

To work through their grief, the Linn family worked together to restore an old pickup truck. The truck, a 1980 Chevy Scottsdale pickup, had been owned by Ron Linn, Irene’s deceased husband.

old truck repaired 1

“It was good therapy for us to work on something that was once our mom and dad’s,” Eric said. “We built a real keepsake for us to have forever. It also brought back a lot of good memories for us. We shared a lot of stories about the farm as we worked on it.”

When they finished restoring the truck, the Linns had an unveiling ceremony on May 8. They invited friends, family and even a local priest to the event.

old truck repaired 2

When the vehicle was revealed, one of the highlights of the event for Eric was the ceremonial ride in the truck around the farm that he took with Irene. Eric said  that he doesn’t think his mom knew what was going on because of her illness, but he thinks she enjoyed herself.



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