Young Boy Got Excited With A Police Officers’ Gift

Last week. We were out buying food.. and happen to pass an officer in the parking lot LITERALLY in the middle of a car search… My son said “Mommy look! An officer… I want to give him a hug!” Reluctantly (given all that is going on in the world with officers and African-Americans) I went against being apprehensive and rolled down the window and practically whispered: “Excuse me, officer.. my son saw you and wanted to give you a hug.. would you be open to it?” At that moment I was frozen with fear as again within recent months, I have been conditioned to NOT trust anything with a badge… but to my surprise, the officer lit up with excitement and said “Sure!! Come here, buddy!”

After watching this complete stranger who looked nothing like us… embracing my child as if he was his own. It dawned on me…No matter what happens. There are some officers who are really here to protect and serve ALL! Not only did this officer take the time to hug my child so that he doesn’t have a fear of officers … he showed my child around the car and let him play with the lights. Did I mention he put a “Deputy Sheriff” badge on him… and to top it off.. the officer asked “Can I have your address? I want to send him something”…Thinking that he would forget… that same officer PERSONALLY brought a package to my son yesterday to our home……(see below). To officer Scott Heath of the Greenville County Police Department… You have forever changed my outlook on officers. We need more like you… Thank you. May you forever be blessed and shielded with God’s grace and Mercy.

outlook on officers

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