Abandoned Blind Pit Bull Found On Park Bench Gets A New Shot At Life

“Poly” a blind dog, was found abandoned on a bench by an animal control officer in Santa Maria, California. The Pit Bull was frightened, alone, and worse, no one came forward to claim her. She’s been available for several weeks and no one has offered to adopt her either.

pit bull rescue

On Wednesday, Kim Jenison, a volunteer for the Santa Barbara County Animal Services wrote:

“This beautiful, just 3 year old gal is Poly. Sadly, Poly is blind. The Animal Control Officer found this scared little gal on a bench, all alone, on the 1000 block of Chapel street in Santa Maria, California. She has been at our county municipal shelter in Santa Maria since September 28th, and no one has come to claim her, and no one has wanted to adopt her.”

“It’s now coming to the point where we need to ask for help outside our area, to find her a rescue that’s willing to take her and give her the love and attention she deserves and most importantly, a place where she gets to live out her life. She deserves to experience love, predictability, and for someone just to love her, because she really is that special.”

“Please help us save Poly. By chance do you have room in your home to adopt her? If you’re a rescue, do you have room? The county shelter is not the appropriate place for her. She is very sweet in and out of her small kennel, but she is also very scared. I can only imagine what it must sound like to her, hearing all the new stray dogs coming in howling, barking and nothing seems calm. Nothing is predictable. Volunteers are working with her and hopeful that she will be spared.”

pit bull rescue

Poly was pulled from the shelter shortly after their plea went out and she is now in a loving foster home. Foreverhome Pet Rescue took in Poly and are giving her the medical attention she needs and the care she deserves. The rescue believes Poly was used by a backyard breeder for puppies for several years. She appears to have just given birth when she was found on the bench, although no puppies were found.

pit bull rescue

In their care, Poly has been getting tests on her heart and for a skin infection. Sadly the most recent news wasn’t as positive as her rescuers had hoped for. She has several congenital heart defects including an enlarged heart and both aortic and mitral valve dysplasia.

“The doctor was very surprised that she has been asymptomatic based on the severity of her heart issues,” they write. “There is no way to know how long she will survive – it could be months, it could be years.”

Although Poly’s foster family cried at the news and was angry she had been so ill-treated by her previous owners, they have promised that Poly will know nothing but love for whatever time she has remaining. “We HAVE to know that she is going to get the love, attention, food and happy pleasures that she never got… just in case there is no tomorrow.”

“Thank goodness dogs live in the NOW and don’t reflect on the past. Moving forward, there will be nothing but happy, comfortable, fun things in her life. We promise her that.”

pit bull rescue

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