Originally Intended To Be A Kids Playhouse, Watch It Transform Into A Full-Functioning Home

Tiny houses have many benefits, such as sustainability and mobility, but also many downfalls. Despite careful organizing and planning, many end up feeling quite claustrophobic, with beds inches from the ceiling or kitchen tables that do double duty as office space.

But this shed from Morristown Buildings has a completely different vibe. It was originally intended to be a kid’s playhouse, but the owners had a different idea. How they changed the interior is simply incredible.

The 14′ x 28′ deluxe playhouse package was purchased for just over $5,000.

playhouse transformed tiny shed 1

Not bad, considering the owners were able to fit in this full-functioning kitchen, complete with a double sink.

playhouse transformed tiny shed 2

Seriously, it has more space than many city apartments! The greenery also adds a nice burst of life, which keeps the room from feeling too cramped.

playhouse transformed tiny shed 3

Unlike many tiny homes, this one has a separate shower, sink and toilet.

playhouse transformed tiny shed 4

And a double bed that is actually on ground level!

playhouse transformed tiny shed 5