Do Not Toss Aside Your Pocket Change Just Yet, It Is Actually Worth More Than You Think…

One of the inconveniences of modern life is having your pockets weighed down by a bunch of coins. Either they’re jingling in your pocket, or taking up room in your wallet or purse. Other than paying for tolls when you’re driving, coins have become somewhat irrelevant. Once upon a time, you could buy a lot for a nickel or a quarter. Coins were valuable back then, but inflation has rendered most denominations of currency under a dollar fairly impractical for day-to-day use.

Whether you cash it in or throw it in a jar, pocket change isn’t exactly making you rich by any means, especially in a world where most transactions are digital. There are, however, still some coins in circulation out there that are worth more than you might expect. After seeing these, you may find yourself studying all your change with an eagle eye – take a look.

1. β€œIn God We Rust.”

pocket change 1

A grease smudge on the pressing machine created these rare Kansas quarters, which are worth $100 each.

2. 2004 Wisconsin quarters.

pocket change 2

An extra line below the front left leaf makes these quarters worth a whopping $300!

3. Steel pennies.

pocket change 3

In 1943, 2 years before the end of WWII, steel pennies were printed. Today, they are worth $10.

4. Benjamin Franklin half-dollars.

pocket change 4

Ben Franklin could be found on half-dollars from 1948 to 1963, at which time he was replaced by J.F.K. These coins are now worth $125.

5. Silver quarters.

pocket change 5

If dated between 1932 and 1964, these quarters are worth $65. Happy hunting!


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