Post-It War Between These Two Office Buildings Has An Epic Ending

Post-it notes. The world would be in chaos without them. Nobody would remember anything. Nobody would be able to turn their office walls into superhero murals. Nobody would be able to leave passive-aggressive messages on the doors of communal refrigerators. And nobody would be able to have the sort of epic Post-it note battle that recently took place in New York.

It all started innocently enough. An employee at Harrison and Star wrote a simple “hi” in Post-it notes on her window and waited for somebody to respond. And somebody did. They wrote “sup”. So far, so civil. But it didn’t stop there. Oh no. It was only just getting started! Both buildings host a number of marketing and media agencies and their creative inhabitants couldn’t resist getting involved in the action. Soon enough the windows were full of funny messages and pictures. But as you’ll discover below, it all came to a devastating end in the most unexpected of ways…(h/t: twisted sifter)

Update: Wonder what they did with all of those used Post-it notes? They were used as part of a fundraising campaign for the NY Veteran’s Hospital! Click here to learn more.

Everything started with an innocent “HI” on the 6th floor at 75 Varick Street in NYC

post it war buildings 1

Soon, “Sup” appeared on a building from across the street at 200 Hudson

post it war buildings 2

As both buildings had a lot of media and marketing agencies, it eventually turned into WAR

post it war buildings 3

The windows started filling up with funny pictures and messages

post it war buildings 4

Somebody made a Snapchat icon

post it war buildings 5

Others took a more random approach

post it war buildings 6

Even the Angry Birds got involved!

post it war buildings 7

Post-it manufacturer 3M also joined the war by providing free ammunition (i.e Post-it notes!)

post it war buildings 8

As the war got more creative, it seemed that nobody would win

post it war buildings 9

Not even Spiderman could stop it!

post it war buildings 10

With no other option, Havas Worldwide brought the war to an end with this epic mic drop

post it war buildings 11

Workers stayed late with beer and pizza to create the spectacular finale, and fellas from Spectacle Studio later posted this video

post it war buildings 12

Unfortunately, the battle was ended by building managers who ordered all participants to have everything taken down by the weekend.


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