Timelapse Of An Entire Nine Months Of Pregnancy Is Completely Mesmerizing To Watch

The birth of a child is pretty incredible and often referred to as a miracle.  The beginning of life starts out as tiny cells, one each from our mother and father.  Combined, they create a unique set of genes resulting in a human being!  It is amazing when you realize how complex a woman’s body is and that this process usually takes nine months.

The video below condenses that time frame to only four minutes.

pregnancy timelapse

The beginning of the video shows how millions of sperm compete to make it to the egg. When they get there, one finally makes it inside and combines its genetic information with that of the egg. Then the egg makes its way down the fallopian tube and implants itself safely in the walls of the woman’s uterus.

pregnancy timelapse

The video shows, even before we are human, we begin to grow tiny bones and other complex organs. The synaptic networks in our brains are starting to take form, and our hearts start beating.

pregnancy timelapse

While we grow into our limbs and appendages, our fingers and toes get more coordinated.  We then become more active in the womb. Our bodies and brains are ready for life outside of the womb, and we are ready to begin the actual process of birth.

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