Millions Of Hearts Have Been Touched By This Unexpected Duet On A Public Piano…

While at the airport one day, a young man started playing a public piano.  He just wanted to entertain the crowd of strangers and make a few people smile. He had no idea that another talented stranger was watching from the sidelines.

Suddenly, a young man wearing a white t-shirt and jeans stepped up behind the other young male player. He looked down at the pianist’s fingers and badly wanted to join the guy and play to the crowd at the station. The result was all caught on camera and inspired not just those in the crowd, but millions across the internet…

Both men created such a beautiful sound; it’s as if they played together all their lives! While the two young men continue playing like professionals, everyone in the station is now watching them create.

The clip was uploaded in 2015 and has had nearly 23 million people have already viewed these young men play the piano in the station.

Watch as they switch positions and seamlessly alternate the bass and treble sounds on the piano. They create music that one would only expect from a duo that takes the stage together.

Despite coming from different countries and religions, these men were able to connect through music. They shared a conversation through sound that transcends religions and languages. These men prove the peace can be found when we take the time to get to know someone although we share different views, perspectives, or beliefs on the world.


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