After Racist Woman Refuses To Sit Next To A Black Family, Other Patrons Step In

(I used to work at a restaurant in a small town. It is the evening shift and a woman eating alone keeps giving me trouble.)

Woman: “This order is not right.”

Me: “All right, I’ll just  take this and bring you out the correct one.”

Woman: “No,  I demand I get this meal and the correct one for free!”

Me: “I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

(She begins complaining to me every chance she got for the rest of the night. She then starts complaining about the black family eating at the table next to her.)

Woman: “I refuse to eat next to those…animals. Their smell is appalling. They probably came to the restaurant to rob it!”

(The racist remarks go on for a few minutes  until the two boys, about 12-years-old stand up from their table.)

Boy #1: “Why don’t you stop being a racist cow!”

Boy #2: “Yeah, at least those ‘animals’ know how to behave in a  restaurant!”

(The woman threw her plate on the ground, stormed out of the restaurant. Everyone started applauding. The black  family paid for the boys meal and I brought them out free ice cream.)

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