20 Reasons Why People Who Don’t Have Children Are Thankful

Sometimes I hear my friends talking about how great it would be to have kids; how their little booties are so adorable you just want to eat them, and how they have the teeny-tiniest socks on the planet. How their squishy little rolls are to die for and how their skin is so smooth you won’t be able to let them go. They also to go on about their adorable laugh and toothless smiles and I’m just sitting there like “nope”. Yes, fine, they might be adorable at times, but the other 3/4 of the day they’re absolute handfuls. And here, ladies and gentleman, are the 20 reasons you should be thankful you don’t have children:

1. You don’t have a little blubber to waste your delicious peanut butter.

reasons zero children 1

2. The only curry-looking thing you have to deal with is the one on your plate.

reasons zero children 2

3. And you don’t need to deal with what looks like the aftermath of a bad frat party without the fun night.

reasons zero children 3

4. You decorate your walls as you see fit…not a mini dictator.

reasons zero children 4

5. You also decide what to paint and when.

reasons zero children 5

6. And your iPad is strictly used for business only and not a chew toy.

reasons zero children 6

7. You can go to Disney World for yourself and actually enjoy it.

reasons zero children 7

8. You can hang out with the people who actually enjoy stuffing their faces as much as you do.

reasons zero children 8

9. You have access to your toilet at all times.

reasons zero children 9

10. Your sinks are strictly used for hand washing and teeth brushing…not baby chilling.

reasons zero children 10

11. The only pee you need to worry about is from your drunken friends at the urinal.

reasons zero children 11

12. You don’t need to worry about wearing mistakenly matching t-shirts with your friends…because hopefully your friends don’t pee on themselves.

reasons zero children 12

13. You don’t need to fight off a creature on your long-awaited packages…unless you’ve got cats.

reasons zero children 13

14. You can go to bed without worrying about having to clean up this mess.

reasons zero children 14

15. Your couch will never look like Tony Montana from Scarface or Pablo Escobar threw a wild party.

reasons zero children 15

16. You don’t need to witness the grossness that comes with children.

17. You can watch all the bad shows you want with no distractions.

reasons zero children 17

18. Your expensive makeup will never go to waste on someone else’s face.

reasons zero children 18

19. You only need to worry about what goes into your mouth.

20. You can bake in peace.

reasons zero children 20(Source)

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