98-Year-Old Couple Recreates Their Wedding Day Photos 70 Years Later

When Cao Yuehua and Wang Deyi, an elderly couple from China, decided to mark their 70th wedding anniversary by reliving their big day in the exact same place it had taken place all those years ago, their four children helped them find the exact same wedding dress, suit for the groom and large bouquet of flowers that they had used the first time around.

They met each other at a student ball held in Yunnan in 1943, which became home to many evacuated Chinese citizens during the Second World War.

recreated wedding photos 1

Sao was called up to serve as a translator first in Myanmar and then in India soon after they met. Wang stayed behind in China.

recreated wedding photos 2

Cao returned from war service in 1945. They were married the same year, and since then they’ve been at each other’s side.

recreated wedding photos 3

The couple returned to the exact same park where they had got married, seventy years later, in order to relive the most important moment of their lives one last time.

recreated wedding photos 4

“They’ve lived through tough times, but they never stopped loving each other. We want to help them preserve their memories of the love they’ve shared“, said the couple’s youngest son, sixty-year-old Cao Pangpei.

recreated wedding photos 5

Cao revealed the secret behind his remarkably successful marriage: ”Couples should care for each other. I’m always thinking about her, and she’s always thinking about me“.

recreated wedding photos 6

“When we reach 100, we’ll come back here again, right?” Wang asked her husband after the ceremony.

recreated wedding photos 7


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