Repairman Caught On Camera By Homeowner

There are always scammers out there looking to cut corners. As a consumer, you have to be on the lookout for scam artist companies or contractors who are only interested in bilking you for the most possible, while performing as little, or no, work at all.

Here we have a sting operation set up. Inside Edition got the word that a scam had been going around involving A/C repairmen. They were inflating both the problems and in turn, the cost for solutions. Using cameras, mic’s, and one-way mirrors, these scammers get busted big time in their conning ways. They had an actor pose as a home owner and then they invited different companies to come give estimates. Who would take the scammer bait? They busted two different repairmen. One case had went from a 29 dollar quote and ended up at 700 bucks! Both guys were busted literally pretending to do work and their demeanor when lying about the price was so smooth you have to wonder how many times they had done this before! Watch as the news crew comes out and busts these guys!

Of course there are many legit contractors out there. But the bad apples definitely need to be called out and awareness needs to be made that this does indeed go on.


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