Rescued Monkey Makes Friends With Every Animal He Meets

When someone goes through a traumatizing event in his or her life, it can change them forever. They can suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or become more pessimistic toward life. With the right environment and the support of others, sufferers can recover and overcome the tragedy. Animals can also go through the same experience, and it’s important to provide them with care and support to avoid long-term repercussions as well.

A very young monkey was found on the side of a busy highway one day, clinging to his mother’s lifeless body. She had been hit by a car, leaving the little one afraid and fending for himself. Thankfully, he was picked up and brought to the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary in Zimbabwe, where he began a new life with other rescues. Named Horace, this little monkey possesses an attitude that has made him one of the most lovable residents of the sanctuary.

“He came to us when he was very young,” Sarah Carter said. She is the founder of the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary, where Horace is happily living.

rescued monkey 1

“He’s lucky that he got picked up by the right person, who then brought him here.”

rescued monkey 2

The sanctuary’s residents included rescued animals, both from the wild and from domestic environments.

rescued monkey 3

Horace seemed to fit right in with the rest of his new housemates. He wanted to become friends with everyone he met there.

rescued monkey 4

“Since we had so many orphans at the time, and not enough hands, we had to raise everyone together,” Carter said. “They just formed this relationship, which is great.”

rescued monkey 5

It was terribly sad for him to lose his mother, but through the tragedy, Horace has gained many new family members at the sanctuary.

rescued monkey 6

Other monkeys have been brought to the sanctuary over time, but Horace’s strongest bonds are with the animals who grew up with him.

rescued monkey 7

This included cats, dogs, deer, and many other animals.

rescued monkey 8

With so many friends to play with, the fun never stops. Every day brings new adventures for the playful and curious monkey.

rescued monkey 9

Like the happy, energetic animal that he is, Horace stays awake past the bedtime of other monkeys. “All the other monkeys go to sleep when it starts to get dark, because that’s their instinct. Meanwhile, Horace is busy running around the garden at 10 o’clock at night. He’s a character,” Carter said.

rescued monkey 10

Not surprisingly, Horace’s nighttime adventures are not embarked upon alone. His feline friends run around in the dark with him while other animals are slumbering peacefully.

rescued monkey 11

Going exploring with dogs can be so much fun.

rescued monkey 12

Sometimes, a quiet day in is just perfect. Who better to cuddle with than a furry kitty?

rescued monkey 13

While he’s often like an optimistic, bright-eyed kid, Horace also knows when to be serious and responsible. Whenever new younglings join the sanctuary, Horace will take care of them and make them feel welcomed in their new home.

rescued monkey 14

“We get lots of orphaned animals coming in, so you can’t always pair them with the same animal,” Carter explained. “But for them to be able to be with another creature is really healing and comforting for them, no matter if they’re different.”

rescued monkey 15

Horace’s loving and accepting attitude demonstrates that everyone can get along no matter what they look like. “We learned that from Horace. They form these amazing bonds. It just brings so much comfort to all of them.”

rescued monkey 16

“Horace is free to go wherever he wants. There’s nothing stopping him from leaving,” Carter added. But Horace chooses to stay at the sanctuary, surrounded by his old and new friends alike. “Here he has friends and he’s safe. He has the backup of everyone here at the sanctuary – people and animals. He really does have the best life.”

rescued monkey 17

To keep up with Horace and all his friends, be sure to follow the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary on Facebook.

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