Woman Parks In Restaurant’s Handicap Spot, So A Disability Van Driver Teaches Her A Lesson

We’ve all been there: you’re in a hurry and that spate of empty handicapped parking spots calls your name. “What could be the harm?” you say to yourself as you pull in right in front of your destination, telling yourself there are plenty of spots still open, plus no one handicapped is in sight.

A recent exercise in Austin, Texas, captured on videotape for National Geographic (natgeotv.com), aimed to teach people who do this a little lesson in humiliation. And apparently, it worked.

The situation unfolded when a large disability van carrying four disabled men hunted for perpetrators of the handicapped parking spot takeover syndrome. It found its first victim at a restaurant where a woman had commandeered the spot, perhaps hoping to get some takeout and be on her way before anyone even noticed her action. But such was not to be her luck on this day.

As captured on video, the embarrassed woman emerged from Jack Allen’s Kitchen, where she had parked in the handicapped spot, only to find the van completely (and purposefully) blocking her car in. Unable to say anything negative, as she clearly recognized she was in the wrong, the woman looked on with discomfort, even offering to move her car.

But with the long, slow disboarding process already in action for the four handicapped men from the van, she had no choice but to stand by and know that everyone watching knew she had hoarded a parking spot not meant for the able-bodied.

Chances are this woman will think long and hard before she pulls this stunt again. And now that you know this kind of Candid Camera episode can take place anywhere, anytime, hopefully you will as well.


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