Robin Williams Steps On Stage Dressed In A Flag Suit. What Follows Has The Audience In Hysterics…

Robin Williams was perhaps one of Hollywood’s brightest stars who was taken too soon from us. Just about anyone you ask will have a favorite joke or moment of his from the many, many TV shows, movies, interviews and standup comedy specials that he did. Williams had a knack for comedic timing and his talent for voices helped accentuate every joke he told, and for this reason was one of the most sought-after comedic talents for the duration of his career.

In this video from a 1982 special titled “I Love Liberty,” created by Norman Lear in support of People for the American Way, Williams has a five-minute set where he embodies the flag of the United States. He starts out with just 13 stars to represent the original flag, but pulls off his sleeve to display the full 50. My favorite part had to be about how the flag stays looking so young – it’s not because of jogging or tennis, it’s all from waving.


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