She Quit Her Job To Sail Around The World With Her Cat

Have you ever thought about packing up your belongings, hopping in a car or boat, and living life off the grid? Maybe life in the city is too stressful, or perhaps you want to get more in touch with nature – whatever the reason, there’s definitely something romantic about living life on the move.

Liz Clark felt something inside of her that made her want to quit her job as a bartender and sail around the world. Clark doesn’t come from a wealthy family, so it’s not like she could just take one long vacation and never worry about working. No, Clark would have to somehow make a living among the waves, and it wasn’t going to be easy. Fortunately, she was given a boat on the condition that she documented her adventures everywhere she went. Clark agreed, and off she went into the unknown.

That was 2006. Now, ten years later, Clark has made a name for herself as a surfer and environmentalist living what she preaches. On her website, Clark explains, “This isn’t just a surf trip, it’s a lifestyle that has allowed me to reduce my daily impact on the earth and live closer to nature.” It’s a hard life, but one that’s no doubt rewarding. Over the course of ten years, she’s visited countless countries, met all kinds interesting people, and even crossed the South Pacific with her mother. Then, in 2013, she introduced another crew member onto her tiny ship. But this new First Mate was no weathered sailor, instead, she was a 6-month-old rescue cat named Amelia. Check out the images below to see how one adventurous kitten changed the entire course of Clark’s journey.

In 2006, Liz Clark quit her job as a bartender and decided to sail the world.

sailing with cat 1

She was lucky enough to receive a Cal 40 sailboat for free, but on one condition: that she would document the adventures she went on around the world.

sailing with cat 2

Three years ago, Clark took on a First Mate named Amelia. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, she’s a kitten.

sailing with cat 3

“She has adapted to living surrounded by water.”

sailing with cat 4

Clark describes Amelia as having a “commanding lioness air and carefree bravado.” If any feline was fit to sail the seven seas, it was Amelia.

sailing with cat 5

“She has to go out of a cat’s comfort zone often.”

sailing with cat 6

“But I think she now understands that I will keep her safe and she will have a lot of fun in the end.”

sailing with cat 7

Just like every other cat in the world, Amelia manages to find the best places to snuggle up.

sailing with cat 8

They even go on hikes together! Well, Clark hikes …

sailing with cat 9

There isn’t much time to relax, so they have to take advantage of it when they can. How long after this picture was taken do you think Amelia snatched those cucumber slices?

sailing with cat 10