This Diver Meets A Very Friendly And Loving Seal. Their Unusual Bond Is Priceless.

Gary Grayson, a 55-year-old adventure enthusiast from the United Kingdom, has done something that many of us wish we had the chance to do: he’s given a seal a belly rub. On a 2014 diving trip, Gary was in the water off the Isles of Scilly, an archipelago southwest of England, when he encountered a sizable Atlantic grey seal. What the seal wanted from him is both unexpected and absolutely adorable.

Gary explained in an interview that the seal spent about five minutes with him. He said that, despite all of the adventurous things he’s done in his life, this experience was one of the more surprising he’s had. Maybe his little seal friend had a rough day and just wanted someone to give it a hug, or maybe it became confused and thought it was a dog – either way, the resulting footage is priceless.


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