Adult Firm Can Customize Sex Toy With Your Partner’s Face

Still looking for Christmas presents for your loved ones? Some of us like to get something personalized for that extra special touch.

One Swedish company has created something that will put those fancy monogrammed pajamas to shame.

“The Wobbling Willy” is a customized sex toy that customers can order with a 3D model of their partner’s face.

Just provide photos of the front, back and sides of the head that you would like attached to their $88 (£66) toy.

sex toy

The Wobbling Willy is an $88 (£66) sex toy that customers can have their faces attached to describes the toy as ‘a fully functional dildo with a twist’ and it can be shipped worldwide. You will also have to provide details about their hair, eye, and skin color to make the figurine. The head sits at the end of the sex toy and will resemble the chosen person as much as possible.

The product is billed as being perfect for couples in long distance relationships.

sex toy

Customers attach a model of their heads to a silicone body which is attached to a sex toy

sex toy

They fill out all their details; including skin, hair and eye colors and pictures from different angles

The head is made using clay and silicone, similar to other, more conventional toys.

The website reads: ‘Down to the basics… we sculpt the head out of clay to the likeness of the photo you send to us. A photo of a secret love. Yourself as a gift to an ex-girl/boyfriend. You’re the one with the dreams and fantasies. It’s then assembled with the Wobbling Willy silicone body.’

The product is designed and manufactured in Sweden.

sex toy

Personal touch: The head is made out of clay and then attached to a silicone sex toy

The company contacts the customer to get their feedback throughout the design process to make sure they get the perfect likeness.

The toy is then delivered in discreet packaging for a fee of $16 (£12).

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