Little Boy Told His Aunt He Would Help Her If He Won The Lottery When A Man Reacted Aggressively

On Wednesday night, my husband, myself and my two great-nephews stopped at Wendy’s before church. (We are raising my great-nephews and have been for the last 2 years. They are 9 and 7.) A commercial came on for the Lotto, and after explaining it to the 7-year-old, the 9-year-old (who I will call ‘Chris’) began telling us what he would do with $100 million dollars.

”First I would buy us mansion and then I’d pay off all of Aunt Bubblegum’s Student loans, then I’d buy a Bugatti!” We all chuckle. Then a 40-something man with a son about 10-11 starts talking loudly (to his son) about a guy he knew who paid off all his wife’s student loans and she wanted more… what a whore she was… etc. Getting louder as he talked and kept making eye contact with me. Chris is seated next to me, and he is hearing/seeing this too. Chris is getting very quiet and he is normally a chatty kid.

Then the man says “Any chick who does that, well son, she deserves a backhand across the mouth.”

Chris is literally shaking at this point with anger, and I try to calm him down by patting his arm and talking to him. The man picks up his bag and goes to the restroom (He changed into an Awana leadership t-shirt!), and Chris says he’ll throw away the trash. On his way back, he stops at that table where the son is sitting, and my heart stops.

He very nicely says “I heard your dad, and I know he’s your dad and all, but he shouldn’t talk about women like that. It’s wrong. Girls can do anything we can, and we should never EVER hit them just because we are bigger. Adults make mistakes too, and your dad just made a big one. Bye.” The kid didn’t say anything but stared at his shoes. Needless to say, we left, but as we were leaving, it was obvious the kid was telling his dad what Chris said.

In the car, Chris said “I wanted to punch that guy and his son, Aunt Bubblegum, but that wouldn’t have helped anything. I sit with all girls at school, and I live with you. It makes me so mad when boys think they are better than girls because we are bigger or have p***ses. God made us all equal and it so sad that boys hurt girls just because they can.”

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