12 Signs That You Might In Fact Have Liver Damage

Do you know if you have liver damage? Do you know what signs to look for?

Inexplicable Fatigue

One surefire way to see if your liver is damaged, is constantly feeling tired.  It is the liver’s responsibility to remove toxins from the body. If it’s damaged, it cannot do its job properly. Thus, toxins continue to build in your body.

Appetite Loss

When your food is not getting digested properly, it does not create enough bile. This will cause you to feel full and you may also suffer from serious weight loss.

Upset Stomach

Two common liver damage symptoms to be aware of vomiting and nausea. These symptoms can occur with a multiple of other health problems (motion sickness, food poisoning, early pregnancy, migraines, etc.), it is when the symptoms continue for a long period of time. This could mean the body is building up toxins.

Digestion Problems

The liver during the digestion process also creates bile. If the liver is damaged, it can cause diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, fatty food intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome.

Changes In Urine Color

When your bilirubin levels are high, it can cause color changes in the urine. When the liver is damaged, your urine may have an amber, brown or orange-color to it. When the liver is unable to lower the levels, the kidneys must handle the job.

Changes In Stool Color

Bile deficiency may cause stool color to change. If it’s clay colored, gray or pale yellow for a bit of time, your liver is probably damaged.


When your skin, tongue, fingertips, and eyes turn yellow, that is a sign of jaundice and your levels of bilirubin are high. It may also mean your pancreas or gallbladder have problems.

Stomach Changes

If your lower stomach hurts, cramps or you bloat, you may have liver damage.

Stomach Pain

If you have a constant pain in the stomach that doesn’t go away, it could be a sign that your liver is damaged.

Fluid Retention

While fluid retention is more commonly tied more to kidney issues, heart failure, hormonal imbalance or lymphatic disease, it may also be tied to liver damage.

Itchy Skin

Liver damage can cause the skin to become more sensitive and lead to bruises, visible veins, and itchiness.

Intestinal Bleeding

Liver damage can cause intestinal bleeding.

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