Sister-In-Law Was Always Stealing Her Food

Some people learn the easy way, and some people learn the hard way. The thing is, when you feel like you have to teach a twenty-six year-old person a basic lesson about manners, then something has gone wrong along the way.

Here’s a story of someone learning the hard way…

in law problems

So for a little backstory, this story is about my fiancĂ©’s spoiled little sister. She lives at home, has their 54 year-old mother cook all her meals, and is a food thief and serial snacker. When she comes to our house, she will raid our fridge and eat our leftovers/snacks, even if she claims she isn’t hungry because she just ate. She is ALWAYS eating.

Their poor mom can’t bring home ANYTHING without her eating some.

A small example is when mom brought home sushi, it was her dinner. Little sis, let’s just call her LS, started eyeballing it and doing what children do. She looked from mom, to sushi, and back. Their mom sighs, and says she can have some. LS proceeds to grab the entire thing, and help herself to all of it.

So, I’m currently pregnant and very hormonal. I’m cranky, outspoken, and don’t want to put up with anyone’s crap. LS and I work together, and she is always shoving her face in my food at lunch time and stealing bits of it. I decided to get revenge.