Here Is How The Bottom Of A Stapler Is Meant To Be Used

Ah, the humble stapler. We’ve all had one since we were in school and had to staple our 5th grade Social Studies reports together (I rocked that report, Mr. Taylor, and we both know I deserved more than a B+). It’s one of those things that’s in just about every home, school, and office, and it’s the kind of thing we all take for granted. After all, what could be simpler than operating a stapler? If you can raise your hand and whack it down on something, then you’re already more than qualified for the job.

But, it turns out the humble stapler has been hiding some tricks from the majority of us. It appears there’s actually more than one way to staple something. It’s one of those simple, but lesser-known features that most people would never even think to explore, but it turns out that the little metal plate on the bottom of the stapler’s got more to it than meets the eye.


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